The workshop sessions provide a unique opportunity to have an in-depth dialog with leading architects, fabricators, developers and engineers present their current projects as real-world case studies. Customize your schedule by choosing sessions to suit your professional goals. The Workshops have an intimate class size, creating an environment conducive to innovation and creative problem-solving.

Morning Session

(Choose 1 from the following)

A. Zero Energy Facades
Instructor: Russell Fortmeyer | ARUP
Workshop Description

This workshop dives deeper into understanding the impact of facades on a building’s energy use. Our experts will look at how building systems impact energy consumption by analyzing performance metrics and outlining the process on how to successfully manage systems integration

B. Advanced Detailing for High Performance Envelopes
Chris O’Hara | Studio NYL
Brad Prestbo | Sasaki
Stan Su | Morphosis
Workshop Description

The Advanced Detailing Workshop is interactive and will offer attendees a hands-on experience in developing exterior envelope details. This workshop is perfect for all experience levels, from emerging professionals who will gain insights into the fundamentals of detailing to intermediate and expert practitioners who want to explore advances in building tectonics. The workshop will be divided up into three parts: a group discussion on fundamental detailing principals, case study examples of how those principles are employed, and a hands-on session where we reverse-engineer details from notable projects.

C. Creating the Textured Facade : Delivering Beauty + Function through Advanced Fabrication.
Anthony Birchler | Zahner
Jon Bailey | HKS
James Warton | HKS

Workshop Description

Expand your knowledge of façade design, material utilization and industry trends. In this panel dialog presentation, case studies will illustrate the concept, design and fabrication processes used to achieve high-performance, elegant façade solutions. Participants will gain insight into the next generation of metal fabrication and application through detailed discussion in robotics, materiality, concept integration and emerging market studies. Learn how presenters have collaborated to automate processes, increase efficiencies and develop new textures in façade specific applications. An ample Q & A session will allow participants to gain in-depth knowledge from industry experts.

D. Curtain Wall Systems from Sketch to Completion 101
Instructor: Ivan Zuniga | YKK AP
Workshop Description

 This workshop is the first of a two part workshop series and is the introduction to the afternoon session H. titled “Stick Built Curtain Walls Interactive”. Attendees will learn curtain wall terminology, understand different curtain wall construction methods, glazing methods , and the fundamentals of curtain wall design and engineering.
This Session continues with Session H. Stick Built Curtain Walls Interactive

E. Facade Rationalization and Management in Dynamo
Daniel Segraves | Thornton Tomasetti CORE Studio 
Gijs Libourel | Thornton Tomasetti
Workshop Description

 An introductory course on façade-focused methods in Dynamo, aimed towards final production in Revit. Basic interoperability, form generation, panel analysis and rationalization, and automated documentation methods will be covered.

Students will need Revit (2017, preferred) and Dynamo installed.

Afternoon Session

(Choose one from the following)

F. Sustainability Through Data-Driven Design
Pablo La Roche | CallisonRKTL
Margaret Montgomery | NBBJ
Andrew Reilman | Integral Group
Workshop Description

Building envelopes affect interactions between indoor and outdoor environments, especially heat gains and losses, daylight, glare and views. Using case studies and examples we will first discuss the role of the façade as a passive regulator of these interactions. Energy simulations can be very useful in the design of high performing envelopes, however they are often seen as difficult, expensive and time consuming. Even though some simulations do require advanced training, there are some that can -and should- be undertaken by designers. The second part of this workshop will introduce the overall tool workflow, and some easy to use tools to demystify the building performance simulation process. Bring your laptop for an introduction to free software developed by UCLA and LBNL. You will leave the workshop with a better understanding of the design simulation process and some practical building envelope knowledge that you can implement in your everyday practice.

The second part of the workshop includes a hands-on portion in which we will use Climate Consultant and COMFEN. You can download them for free at the links below

Climate consultant has versions for windows and MAC OS:
COMFEN can be downloaded at:

G. Stick Built Curtain Walls Interactive 102
Instructor: Bart Harrington | YKK AP
Ivan Zuniga| YKK AP
Workshop Description

This hands on workshop will enable attendees to learn first hand critical
areas of curtain wall installation and troubleshooting. Curtain wall system
mockups will be assembled, installed, and glazed with some attendee
participation to demonstrate different system types and installation
techniques. This is the continuation of session D. “Curtain Wall Systems
from Sketch to Completion”.

H. The future of ETFE Skins – Innovation in Design, Engineering, Materials and Fabrication
Instructor: Kais Al-Rawi | Walter P Moore
Steve Lewis | Walter P Moore

Alexander Jafari | Vector Foiltec

Martin Augustyniak | Walter P Moore

Workshop Description

ETFE is a lightweight, transparent membrane skin material that is continuing to gain popularity across a wide range of project typologies and scales. This workshop will focus on exposing attendees to emerging processes and technologies that are shaping the future of ETFE skins. The workshop will host industry experts with experience in design, engineering, material science and fabrication. The speakers will showcase insights into advancements and opportunities for innovation in ETFE skins, ranging from new material properties, to computational design methods and digital workflows, as well as advanced manufacturing and fabrication methods.

I. Agent-Based Facade Design
Instructor: Satoru Sugihara| Architectural Technology Laboratorial Venture
Workshop Description

This workshop explores application of agent-based algorithms to facade design on Processing with iGeo library. It starts with introductory agent-based design exercise and moves on to application of some agent-algorithms to facade geometry generation. No prior coding experience is required but some understanding of coding or computation is preferred.

* Speakers subject to change.




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